Who We Are

East Coast Asset Management is an employee-owned, SEC registered investment advisor founded in 2008. We manage over $500 million using rigorous fundamental research. Our team serves a broad, global investor base represented by individuals, families, and institutions. We’ve been based in Essex, MA, on Boston’s North Shore since inception.


    We believe capital allocation should be driven by a merit based approach, determined by each investment’s compounding potential and margin of safety. We view the investment universe from an owner mindset, employing a business-like approach to research and rational decision making.


    We believe great businesses and great investments are rare. We are focused on employing a demanding research effort to uncover the most ideal investments and applying a disciplined valuation approach to construct a portfolio that will compound attractively over time.


    We view having a differentiated perspective from the consensus as a cornerstone of our long-term competitive advantage. A mindful decision of establishing on our own research base and thought processes has influenced our geography and the information sources we choose to value.


    Our team shares a cultural effort to strive towards excellence through a life long passion for learning and continued improvement. We believe this effort has the ability to benefit our clients through all services we provide.

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