Wealth Management

The wealth management experience for our clients and us is one of discovery, development, and continuous updates designed to work in conjunction with our investment management services. While many firms like to talk about plans, we want to focus on solutions. Our team of legal, tax and investment professionals will work with you to develop sophisticated, appropriate and personalized solutions to your financial challenges. We offer the following non-inclusive list of capabilities to our investment management clients and to non-investment management clients on a flat fee financial planning basis.

Asset Allocation Planning

We work with our clients to develop asset allocation strategies built around both the assets we manage and those held outside of our firm. We think that our high touch approach is particularly beneficial for those clients who need a manager that will take the time to understand their company plans or other outside managers and then take that knowledge and not only apply it to the management of their own funds but to drive the holistic discussions that are so crucial to confront today’s fast moving global markets.

Retirement Planning

We use leading software to help clients model out their current cash flow or future retirement needs.  We feel that our investment management focus makes us particularly adept at how future assumptions with regard to taxes, inflation or currency changes may impact an individual’s purchasing power. While many firms utilize financial plans to generate static numbers, we prefer to work with our clients on an ongoing basis to review the trends and help them better understand after each meeting whether they are closer or further away from reaching their goal.

Estate Planning

We are able to partner with our clients to help them develop an estate plan that not only encompasses the challenges of passing wealth on to the next generation but the ever important task of anticipating the possible risks from disability or lawsuits. We have developed strong relationships with many leading regional and national law firms and can walk our clients through every step of the process from the first meeting with their attorney through the signing and funding of their new estate plan. Furthermore, our proactive planning approach allows us to anticipate and direct modifications to the plan as the lives of our clients or the tax laws change.

Risk Management

We define risk management as dotting the “i’s” and crossing the “t’s.” Whether it is reviewing life, disability or long term care needs and then finding a suitable insurance provider or working with clients to make sure they are properly protecting the corporate veil shielding their personal assets from their business risk our team of professionals is available to help clients take the detailed steps that can have the biggest effect whenever a personal storm arises.

Tax Planning

Our team of professionals is available to help clients develop a multi-year tax minimization strategy. Working closely with your own CPA, we can assist with the type of financial or tax modeling that is crucial given the year to year fluctuations in the income tax laws. For those clients who need assistance with tax preparation, we can make a referral to an outside professional.