Third Quarter 2014 Update: Grove of Titans

Grove of Titans Coastal Redwoods as a Model of the Enduring Business

The Grove of Titans is home to the largest ecosystem of redwood trees that has been discovered to date. Long hidden in plain sight off a popular hiking trail in Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, the Grove boasts the Lost Monarch, the largest coastal redwood on earth. The Lost Monarch and the nine other Titans that surround her have stood and observed nearly two thousand years of geological time: the rise and fall of Rome, the discovery of America, two World Wars, industrial and technological revolutions and the growth of the population on Earth from 200 million to 7 billion. The Grove of Titans was discovered in 1998 by explorers Dr. Steve Sillett and Michael Taylor. A handful of others have found the Grove since then, but none have revealed its location, even though hikers walk by it every day. The hikers are unable to see the Grove of Titans for the density of the trees before them… Read PDF »